QA was an online community for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) youth from around the world. We grew, quite organically, from a personal homepage first published in 1999 by Graham G. Hughes, a then 16-year-old from Edinburgh, Scotland. In 2001, we moved into our new home at queerattitude.com and by 2002, we were operating a small forum. We would go on to form a fully-fledged, vibrant community. Unique, homely, and socially responsible, QA had mutual respect at its core.

In May 2014, after over a decade of service, we closed our virtual doors. Over the course of that time, tens of volunteer moderators helped support almost 20,000 valued members and hundreds of thousands of visitors. The rise of social media, however, made it harder to maintain relevance into the 2010s. As the management team aged, the burden of responsibility also grew. Moreover, the platform was in need of major technical upgrades, and the challenges seemed increasingly unsurmountable.

We signed-off with very heavy hearts but we were proud of what we had achieved. QA was a meaningful project, and while it was never perfect, it was inspiring to see what community at its best could look like.

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